Remanufactured Windlasses





Good® Automatic Windlass, Inc. is now offering Factory Reconditioned anchor windlasses. These windlasses have been thoroughly refurbished and have a brand new electric motor, rope sprocket, bearings and seals. The windlass housings and gearing are in excellent condition and the remanufactured windlasses carry a full 1 year warranty. They include a new deck gasket and mounting hardware. If you are buying a remanufactured windlass for a new application, an installation kit will be required. We also recommend a new anchor line kit to complete the installation. The remanufactured anchor windlasses will offer you years of trouble free operation at a fraction of the cost of a new windlass. The remans are available in two models: The AFD & CFD Free-drop Rope Windlasses. The specifications are as follows:



Remanufactured Free-Drop Rope Windlasses


    Specifications AFD CFD


500 Rope Series Re-mans

On Deck Dimensions 12" L x 8" W x 7" H

Boat Size

Drop Speed

Retrieval Speed

Line Pull (@ 40 amps)


Anchor Size

Good® Depth Colored Line

Acco® Chain Size/Type

Windlass Ship Weight

22' to 34'


65 fpm

650 lbs.


16 to 25 lbs.



30 lbs. 

32' to 45'


50 fpm

750 lbs.


20 to 35 lbs.



30 lbs.
AFD & CFD REMANUFACTURED model windlasses shown above are completely automatic, free-drop rope anchor windlasses with an integral mooring bit. They retrieve line smoothly and trouble free at 50 - 65 fpm. Automatic, free-wheeling anchor windlasses provide the quickest way to the sea floor and to safe anchorage. They are available with a 12VDC 2 pole series wound motor or 4 pole permanent magnet motor system for deeper water anchorages. All remanufactured windlass stainless steel deck mounting hardware, a deck gasket and complete installation instructions. 1 year warranty. See ReMan Pricing form for optional installation kits and anchor line lengths that are available.



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