Rope/Chain Windlasses





GOOD® Automatic Windlass, Inc. has over 40 years of marine manufacturing experience and are the pioneers in the design of the original, automatic, free-drop anchor windlass for the pleasure boat industry. A simple flip of the switch is all that is required to raise or lower the anchor when your boat is equipped with a Good® Automatic Windlass. Controlled from the bridge or other remote station, the windlass allows you to raise and lower the anchor without ever leaving the controls.

The anchor rode is automatically stowed in the storage locker without any physical handling, cleating or tailing. GOOD® Automatic windlasses are made of rugged, durable, aluminum magnesium alloy, stainless steel, bronze, and Delrin materials which are well suited for the harsh marine environment.


    Specifications F850 A F850 C


F850BDA Stealth Series

On Deck Dimensions 11" L x 7" W x 6" H

Finish: Bright Anodize Almag

Boat Size

Drop Speed

Retrieval Speed

Line Pull (@ 50 amps)


Anchor Size

Good® Depth Colored Line

Acco® Chain Size/Type

Windlass Ship Weight

Finish Type

24' to 36'


85 fpm

600 lbs.

12 or 24VDC PM

16 to 30 lbs.


5/16" BBB

39 lbs.

Bright Anodize Almag

34' to 55'


85 fpm

750 lbs.

12 or 24VDC PM

20 to 45 lbs.


5/16" BBB

47 lbs.

Bright Anodize Almag
F850BDA Series windlasses shown above are completely automatic, free-drop rope/chain combination anchor windlasses. They are offered in the Bright Anodized Almag Finish. This is a extremely durable, bright aluminum finish and will remain that way for many years in the harshest of marine environments with little maintenence. The F850 is capable of handling the harshest of anchoring requirements. If you are a charter boat or just a weekend fisherman the F850 will get the job done. They retrieve line and chain smoothly and trouble free at 85 fpm. Automatic, free-wheeling anchor windlasses provide the quickest way to the sea floor and to safe anchorage. They are available with a 12VDC or 24VDC 4 pole permanent magnet motor system for all types of boats and anchorages. All windlass kits include a depth color-coded anchor line pre-spliced with a 10' chain lead, stainless steel deck mounting hardware, a Safe-T-Loc switch and dash plate, a reversing control panel, circuit breakers, a deck gasket and complete installation instructions. 3 year warranty. Standard windlass drive shaft/gearbox mounts will accommodate up to a 4" deck/pulpit thickness. An optional mount extension is available to accommodate up to a 7-1/2" deck/pulpit thickness. This should be determined before ordering. See pricing/order form for optional anchor line, chain lead lengths and extended shaft/gearbox mount options that are available.



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