2017 Boat Show Specials
Sale Dates: Feb 10th, 2017 - March 10th, 2017


2017 Raritan & Atlantic City Boat Specials

for the

GOOD® F850 Stealth Series
(Bright Anodized Al-mag Finish)

GOOD® Free-Drop Rope/Chain Combination Windlasses
F850-A windlass for boats up to 36'
F850-C windlass for boats up to 55'

F850BDA Stealth Series


Product Description




Show Special

F850 Series windlasses shown above are completely automatic, free-drop rope/chain combination anchor windlasses. The bright, clear-anodized, aluminum-magnesium finish is extremely durable and will remain that way for many years in the harsh marine environment. The F850 is capable of handling the toughest anchoring requirements. If you are a charter boat or just a weekend fisherman the F850 will get the job done. They retrieve line and chain smoothly and trouble free at 85 fpm. Automatic, free-wheeling anchor windlasses provide the quickest way to the sea floor and to safe anchorage. They are available with a 12VDC or 24VDC 4 pole permanent magnet motor system for all types of boats and anchorages. All windlass kits include a 200' depth color-coded anchor line pre-spliced with a 5/16" x 10' chain lead, stainless steel deck mounting hardware, a Safe-T-Loc switch and dash plate, a reversing control panel, circuit breakers, a deck gasket and complete installation instructions. 3 year warranty. Optional line and chain lenghts are available.  


1/2" rope/chain windlass
w/ 200' line & 10' 5/16" chain

$ 1675.00



1/2" rope/chain windlass
w/ 300' line & 10' 5/16" chain

$ 1750.00



9/16" rope/chain windlass
w/ 200' line & 10' 5/16" chain

$ 1750.00



9/16" rope/chain windlass
w/ 300' line & 10' 5/16" chain

$ 1850.00



Stainless Steel Anchor
Barrel Swivel

$ 65.00

Orders are to be placed at 1-800-780-4655; or, e-mailed to goodauto@goodwindlass.com
NOTE: Be sure to mention the 2017 Boat Show Specials to receive the sale pricing.

Payment may be via Visa, MC or Discover, cash or check.
Shipping via UPS, ground, Ins. will be added.


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